S4 E02 The Second Act

10/03/12 | PG | CC

Story 1:  Sue’s Mentee

Sue picks up a freshman mentee, Jenna Taylor, who she tailor-made a binder for.


Memorable Quotes:

Sue (to Jenna about lunch):  “Since you’re new you’re not going to have anywhere to sit with so you’re going to want to walk the perimeter.”


Sue (Asking Mike and Frakie for advice): “It’s my mentee, Jenna, she’s doing really well in school but homecoming court is a whole other thing….but what do you say to someone who wants to try for something that is so far out of their reach”


Story 2: The Second Act

Frankie is let go from her job based on her seniority at the dealership (not because of her age but her short employment period at the dealership).


Memorable Quotes:

Frankie: “Well bye Everybody!  You know this wasn’t such a horrible place to come to everyday.  It was because of you guys”


Frankie (explaining her second act to Mike): “There’s lots of people that have these whole second acts”

Mike: “How old are these people?”

Frankie: “Old! Mike.  Like us”


Story Three: Brick Embarrasses Mike

Brick embarrasses Mike at the sandwich shop when he prioritizes finishing his book over introducing himself.


After Brick explains the double standard he gets when interrupting Mike’s sports page reading:

Mike: I’m not punishing you!

Brick: I just need some clarification

Mike: Want some clarification? Fine.  You’re punished.  Two weeks!

Brick: Two weeks without what?

Mike: I’ll get back to you.

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