S4 E20 Dollar Days

04/10/13 | PG | CC
Story One:
Frankie is job hunting after graduating from Orson Technical Institute.
Memorable Quotes:

Mike: If your mom is tired, lazy and irritable, it’s because of you guys

Frankie: No one said irritable…

Story Two:
Axl secures the first gig for 'Axl and the Axemen'.  Sue's influence on Darren causes tension within the band.
Memorable Quotes:
Axl: I’m so sick of this.  You (points to Sue) are yoko’ing the band.  But not just the band, you’re yoko’ing my school, you’re yoko’ing my house, you two together (Darren and Sue) are poison.  You want to be DeSeanAx fine, go ahead.  No, maybe you want to DeSeanSue because the Ax man is out.
Story Three:
Brick joins the Prairie Scouts.  Mike aids Brick to make sure he follows through with his choice.
Memorable Quotes:

Frankie: I think it’s great that joined something Brick but scouts really?

Brick: I checked out a old handbook from the library and I found it very appealing.  And it has an interesting font Menlo Bold.  menlo bold…


Mike:  Man.  Isn’t this your social skills group?

Brick:  Yeah, we went to a regular scout meeting before but after a few weeks they decided to give us our own troop.  Wasn’t that nice?

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