S4 E23 The Ditch

05/15/13 | PG | CC

Story #1

Axl influences Sue to take her first day off from school.


Memorable Quotes:

Axl:  So you’ve really never skipped school?  Ever?  Not once?

Sue: No what if I missed something important.

Axl:  Wow.  I am seriously worried about you Sue.  That is not normal.


Sue:  So what’s happening?  Is the whole school like freaking out because I’m not there?

Brad:  Umm I don’t think so.  How about you and your bad self? OMG are you like having soo much fun?

Sue:  SOOO MUCH fun.  I don’t know how much more fun I can take.  So what time is it?  Are you guys almost done for the day?

Brad:  Sue it’s 10:15.

Sue: WHAT?


Story #2

Brick decides he doesn’t want to go to middle school.


Memorable Quotes:

Dr. Fulton:  I give up.  If the tribe of truth doesn’t work, then I don’t know what will.  I’ve done everything a professional therapist can do to justify his job.  I just don’t get it.  Why don’t you want to go to middle school?

Brick:  Oh is that what this was all about?  Well at the middle school the handles on the water fountains are on the right.  And I’m used to having them be on the left like they are here.  It’s kind of a big change.  I don’t think I’m ready for it.

Dr. Fulton:  That’s what you’re worried about???  Water fountains?  Brick half the fountains at the middle school don’t even work . That place is a dump.  If you’re going to worry about anything, it should be asbestos.

Brick: WHAT?

Dr. Fulton: Nothing. No No No.  It’s fine.  It’s nothing to worry about.  You know.  It’s a silent killer.


Brick:  I guess I’d feel better about going to middle school if I was going with my friend.

Counselor:  Oh.  Well who’s your friend?

Brick: You

Counselor:  Oh.  Wow Brick.  I wish Sheila could hear this


Story #3

Mike spends the day fishing with Axl.



Axl leaning on the fishing boat in the ditch.


Memorable Quotes

Axl:  I’m sorry what was that again you were telling me about…you know…not getting distracted

Mike:  Alright

Axl:  Because that was hilarious.  You were totally checking out those girls

Mike:  Hey it was a large group.  Alright.  You look at a large group of anything.  Gazelles, ants, RVs

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