S4 E24 The Graduation

05/22/13 | PG | CC

Story #1:

Frankie and Axl are at ends as he prepares to graduate from high school.

After Frankie arrives to Axl’s last party before graduation:

Axl: Somebody in our family better be dead right now and I’m not talking about some weird cousin.  I’m talking about Dad, Brick or Sue.

Frankie:  Nobody is dead.  But if you don’t get into my car right now.  It can be arranged.

Axl:  Can you just go please and I’ll meet you outside in 3 minutes.  I promise.

Frankie:  Yeah you already promised to be home at 11:30 so I think the promise ship has sailed.  Hi Sean!


Story #2:

Sue prepares to say goodbye to her bus buddies as she prepares for her sixth driving test.


Memorable Quotes:

Sue on her final ride on the bus

Sue:  Excuse me everyone.  As you know I’m taking my driving exam on Friday and since the sixth time is the charm.  I would like to make our last week on the bus together a week to remember.  I would like to kick it off with having my bus buddies, aka you guys, sign my yearbook.


Mike’s final peptalk to Sue before the test:

Mike:  Sue listen to me you have screwed up this driving test so many ways I can’t think of another mistake that you can possibly make.

Story #3:

After speaking with the vice principal, Brick remembers that he was supposed to be taking pictures for his duty as class historian.


Memorable Quotes:

Brick:  Hey mom quick thing.  I need you take about 200 pictures of my classmates and set them to music in a slideshow.  It should be touching but not schmaltzy, funny but not trying too hard.  And if you could have it ready by Friday morning by 10…that’d be great.  11 at the latest.  Good night.

Frankie:  Whoa Whoa Whoa Brick.  How long have you known about this?

Brick:  What’s today Thursday?  About 4 years…

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