S4 E03 Bunny Therapy

10/10/12 | PG | CC

Story 1: Brick’s Tick
Brick has a new tick that Frankie and Mike want to fix.  They decide to buy him a bunny to help him get over his tick.

Memorable Quotes
Mike, Frankie and Brick trying to figure out why he has a tick.
Brick: “Well Maybe it’s because you guys don’t spend time with me”
Frankie: “We’re Busy…”
Brick: “And yet not too busy to watch dance moms.”
Frankie: “We’re spending time with you now and you’re still whooping so…”


Story 2: Axl’s Problem
Axl has been hanging out with two cheerleaders, Debbie and Courtney but can’t figure out which one he’s dating.

Memorable Quotes
After Sue meets the cheerleaders:
Axl: Why are you talking them?
Sue: They don’t know I’m your sister
Axl: And I’m working very hard to keep it that way.  They’re cheerleaders and you’re whatever this is.  Now leave your Sue-ing up the place”

Axl: “I haven’t been making out yet because I’m never alone with whoever it is I’m dating.”

Story 3: Sue’s Tryout
Sue decides to try out for the school mascot, the Thundering Hen.  Go Hens!

Memorable Quotes
Sue:  “The most amazing thing happened today.  The mascot for the thundering hens got juvenile shingles so now they’re holding tryouts for a new mascot!”

Frankie: “What are you doing?”
Sue (with a box on her head): “I’m practicing.  As a mascot I’ve got to exaggerate all of my movements”
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