S4 E04 The Hose

10/17/12 | PG | CC

Story 1

Rita Glossner accuses Frankie of stealing her hose.  Rita needs it to fill her blow up pool.

Memorable Quotes
Rita Glossner: “I’ve seen you casing my house.  Walking by, staring at me”
Frankie: “No, no.  I was looking.  Not even a look, just a glance…just because we didn’t even know you were back”
Rita: “You’ve been gossiping about me”

Rita: Another beer?
Frankie: Sure
Rita: Then run along to your house and get us some.  I’ll keep an eye on your kids”

Story 2
Brick learns about the birds and the bees.  He doesn’t understand why he has to learn about it.

Memorable Quotes
After Brick returns from his first day of education.
Brick: “When does all this sex stuff end?”
Frankie: “It tapers off…”
Brick:  “Ok well I guess I’ll go look at your bras now.  I’m not sure why but apparently it’s perfectly normal and you guys are always after me to be normal”

Axl: “One day you’re going to be just as excited about girls as you are about books”
Brick: “I don’t really see that happening”

Story 3
Sue decides to cancel her trip cheerleading trip after she finds out how much Mike makes.

Memorable Quotes
After Sue tells Brick and Axl that their parents are poor.

Brick: “That’s probably why they’re cranky”
Sue: “Right!  Real personalities.  They may be lovely people we don’t know”

Sue: “We’re poor”
Brick: “Sue, we go out after tornados looking clothes…we know.”

Sue explaining to Mike how she's so selfish for having Frankie buy her a pencil case.
Sue: “I already know that ‘girls rule the world’ so why do I need it on a pencil case.  So do I really
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