S4 E17 Wheel of Pain

02/27/13 | PG | CC

Story 1:

Axl, Brick and Sue were hanging out in the living room and accidentally break a window.  Instead of telling Frankie and Mike the truth, they lie as long as they possibly can.


Memorable Quotes:

Axl: “Clearly our public schools have failed us.  Brick the first rule of lying…don’t say you’re lying”

Brick:  “I’m not trying to do it.  It just happens.”

Axl: “Well try this…After you lie, add something true to the end of the lie.  That way you’ll trick your brain into thinking you’re not lying.”


Following Frankie’s dental interrogation.

Axl:  “Pass this on too.  Now there are worse things that mom can do to your mouth than make food for it.”


After spinning the wheel of pain:

Mike:  “Round and round she goes.  Where does she stop nooooo….birthday.”


Story 2:

Sue’s sweet sixteen birthday party is in jeopardy following the broken living room window.


Memorable Quotes:

Sue: “Hey friendly reminder.  Only ten more days until my sweet sixteen or as I like to call it my ‘sue-eeet’ sixteen.”


Sue:  “It’s my sweet sixteen.  It’s the only birthday that has its own adjective”


Axl: “You’re taking one for the team Sue.  There is no higher honor”

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