S4 E05 Halloween III: The Driving

10/24/12 | PG | CC
Story 1:  Mike and Frankie encourage Sue to practice driving in a real car instead of an imaginary one in the house.

Memorable Quotes:
Mike:  “Why don’t you take one shaped like a key and put it into the ignition?”
Sue: “I just want to be prepared, I’m not even ready.  I can’t even narrow my key chains to a top three.”

Axl convincing Sue to drive him to the polls.
Sue:  “But I’m scared what if I mess up again?”
Axl:  “…  This guy ‘Harry Butts” he should be living in a hole but he has the guts to put it on signs all over town and run for office. If he can do that, then you’ve got to step it up and get me there so I can vote for him...Do it for America!”

Story 2: Axl prepares to vote for his first election.

Memorable Quotes:
Axl asking Mike and Frankie about who they’re voting for City Council.
Axl:  “Sheriff how do you pick?  I like this guy because he’s serious about crime but this other guy is going to get tough on crime.”

Axl:  “Are you liking Paul Delvecchio or Jennifer Farley?”
Frankie:  “I’m leaning towards Delvecchio”
Axl:  “Are you?  Are you really? Because they’re both people from Jersey Shore.  You guys haven’t even looked at this have you?” (shakes ballot vote guide)

Story 3:  Frankie accidentally tells Brick to eat all his candy which temporarily turns him into a different person.
Memorable Quotes:
Mr. Walker (Brick’s Teacher):  Has Brick been put on any medication recently?
Frankie:  “...sort of...”
Mr. Walker:  “Don’t need to know just more paperwork.  The point is…whatever you’re doing keep it up.”

Mike:  “You’re not skipping school because your mom made you eat a ton of candy”
Frankie:  “And don’t you dare say that at school! We’re already in the system”
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