S4 E06 The Safe

11/07/12 | PG | CC

Story One:

Axl’s injury has put his scholarships in jeopardy.  He has to earn his way into college on his academic merits and needs a tutor.


Memorable Quotes

Frankie: “…we might have to examine the possibility of a plan B”

Axl: “So…what would that be?”

Mike: “Well that you would get into college on your own merit”

Axl: “Psh!  That’s your plan B?  I want to hear another plan B.  I want to hear the plan B that involves you doing something!”

Mike:  “Hey we did do something.  We checked into it and the school had tutors that can help you”


At Cassidy and Axl’s first tutor session

Axl: “Before we dive in, I’d like to be clear about my goals here.  I don’t want to get too smart.  Just smart enough to get into college.”

Cassidy:  “I think we’re safe there.  Are you ready to start? or do you need me to blow a whistle?”


Story Two:

Frankie begins school to become a dental assistant.  School is hard!


Memorable Quotes

After Frankie arrives late for class:

Frankie:  Hi I know, late again.   What are the odds?  But I made you some snickerdoodles.

Sandy Armwood: Look everybody.  Gingervitis on a plate.  You know what those cookies tell me Frankie?  You do not respect the tooth.

Frankie:  Oh I do.  I completely respect the tooth so so much.


Frankie: You don’t understand my teacher is mean and she hates me.

Axl: That’s what I tell you all the time!  And you tell me, I’m sure she has a good heart she just trying to make you be your best

Frankie: Ugh! How do you live with me if I say things like that.  Shut up Frankie!

Story Three:

Sue and Brick stumble upon a garage sale and think they may have a great opportunity to make money.


Memorable Quotes

Brick: It’s clearly not worth anything.  So let’s take the $20 which is what we started with and cut our losses.

Sue:  Brick think about it.  If that wasn’t the president’s signature, he wouldn’t be offering us anything at all.  He’s just trying to low ball us.

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