S4 E07 Thanksgiving IV

11/14/12 | PG | CC

Story One:
Frankie invites two marines for Thanksgiving dinner.  Oh did we mention that Frankie’s parents are coming over for dinner too?

After Frankie reveals that she invited two marines for dinner.
Frankie:  “I was hoping you would have a different reaction because I already signed us up”
Mike:  “What?  Why did you even ask?”
Frankie: “Because I had to act quick.  I was afraid they were going to run out of marines.  There aren’t that many of them you know.  It’s right there in the motto.  The few, the proud…”

Frankie:  “I’m thankful for the freedom that you two provide with your guns and stuff.  I’ve got to say that I for one have never felt so safe in my own home.”

Story Two:
Axl is focused on “studying” with his tutor, Cassidy, until his doctor tells him he’s cleared to play football again.
Axl: “I’m going to have to start leaving our sessions early for practice.”
Cassidy: “Great so you’re going to skip studying so you can bash your head into other guys’ heads.  Sounds like a super solid plan.  Maybe we should skip them all together. “

Following Axl’s great performance at the football game:
Cassidy:  "Not going to tell you that you’re awesome because you already think you’re awesome, but that was awesome."

Story Three:
Someone stole the head to Sue’s mascot costume. 

Sue:  "This is a disaster.  I am literally a chicken with its head cut off."

Following the scuffle with the Roosevelt football players.
Brad: "Who punches a guy while he’s on his tippy-toes?  That’s not how a dance fight works!"
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