S4 E08 Christmas Help

12/05/12 | PG | CC
Story 1
Reverend Timtom asks Brick to be in the holiday play.  Sue wants to be in the play but settles on baking holiday cookies for the bake sale.

Sue: “Mom where do you keep the cookies?”
Frankie: “At the store”

Brick: “Well I’m not wiseman number two anymore.”
Frankie: “Aww Brick..”
Brick: “I’m wise man number two and number three.  Turns out wise man three has a shoving problem.  So my new line is ‘I bring you frankincense and he brings you myrrh.”

Story 2
Mike helps his brother Rusty move furniture but it wasn’t exactly moving and more like stealing.

Mike and Rusty discussing the ownership of the furniture in Mike’s garage:
Mike:  “Are you telling me that we broke into a cop’s house and stole his furniture?  Are you nuts?!?”
Rusty:  “Now look…any jury that plays poker would side with me”

Rusty leaving a message on Mike’s voicemail
Rusty: “Sorry I haven’t called in a few days.  I lost your number and then I found it.”

Story 3
Frankie decides to pick up a holiday job at JJ Macky’s to take advantage of their company discount and ensure the kids have presents.

Mike and Frankie discuss the possibility of not giving the kids presents.
Frankie: “I fake my death and show up right on Christmas morning. Surprise I’m alive”
Mike: “Glad you’re not dead mom.  Now where’s my presents?”

Frankie: “Look they’re hiring extra help for the holidays and the best part is I get an additional 30% discount on their already low low prices.”
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