S4 E09 Twenty Years

12/12/12 | PG | CC

Story 1:
Axl and Brick are at ends since Brick has held Axl’s guitar as his trophy.

Brick: “You take it back and I’ll tell all your friends I beat you in air hocke…I like this wire the best”
Axl:  “It’s a string”

Axl:  “Brick there is only reason I’d want to steal your book and that would be to draw boobs on it.  And if I did that, I’d obviously show it to you.

Brick:  “You don’t understand.  You don’t know what it’s like to live in different worlds.  To travel on great adventures in the galaxy with people you know better than your own family.   To live and die with them.”

Story 2:
Sue want to plan a party for Mike and Frankie’s 20th Anniversary.

Sue:  “Axl there may not be a 40th.  They’re getting older and they might be dead by then.”

Sue: “Oh my god that was so close.  Oh god.  When Dad said surprise, I totally thought they were on to us.  I don’t know how you guys kept it together.”

Story 3:
Frankie fears Mike may be tired of their marriage.

Frankie: “It’s our 20th anniversary Mike it’s a really big deal. A REALLY BIG DEAL!”

Frankie telling Mike about his late night eating habits. 
Frankie: “This is worse than an affair.”
Mike: “What?...”
Frankie:  “Yeah I could understand if there was someone prettier or younger than me but you’re more interested in nobody.  That hurts...”

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