S4 E22 Hallelujah Hoedown

05/08/13 | PG | CC

Story #1

Sue is determined to pass her driver’s test.  But feels even more pressure after all her friends have passed the test.


Memorable Quotes:

 Sue:  “Oh wah wah.  Poor you guys.  Is there nothing else in life that you can talk about?  There are other things going on in the world you know.  Troubled teens are getting tattoos in their underwear area.  I thought I was coming to a hoedown.  But if this is just going to be a drivers license-down.  Then I guess I’ll just go somewhere else.”

Sue: “I let you down reverend Tim Tom.  I tried to be happy for them but I’m still jealous.  Maybe I’m just not  meant to drive.  My drive to drive, drove my friends away so I’m done being that driven to drive.  I have decided I’m not going to get my license”

Rev. Tim Tom: “Let me ask you something.  When you take a test at school and you don’t have all the answers, do you just get up and walk away?

Sue: “No I would never.  I still answer whatever I can.  I can still get partial credit.”

Rev Tim tom:  “Exactly!  The Sue Heck I know doesn’t give up after 5 tries.”

Story #2

Axl and Cassidy find themselves at a crossroads during prom.


Memorable Quotes:

Cassidy:  “But we still have the next three weeks.  Can’t we just focus on that and have fun?”

Axl:  “Well why wait three weeks not to be together.  If we’re not going to be together, let’s not be together now.”

Story #3

Frankie drops hints to her children so Mike will know what to get her for mother’s day.


Memorable Quotes:

Mike:  “Did she (Frankie) tell you what she wants?”

Sue: “Yes, something yellow. I think”


Mike: “Are you kidding we can’t get her something medical.  It’ll be the inflatable foot bath all over again.  Besides your sister said it was something yellow.”

Brick:  Look this comes in yellow.

Mike: “Forget it we’re not getting her some back thing for mother’s day.  I’m not going through that again. You know what I’m not going through any of it.  This should be your headache.  It’s not my holiday, she’s not my mother, my mother is dead.  You kids can figure this out by yourselves…I’m done.”

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