The Year of Sue: Braces

By Derek Wong | Sep 25th, 2014

The Middle returned yesterday and kicked off the Year of Sue.  Sue (Eden Sher) was determined to make a splash during her senior year and Frankie made sure it happened.  Rather than following the orthodontist's advice, Frankie urged him to remove Sue's braces prematurely.  To celebrate, Sue and Frankie went shopping for candy.


Sue's Braces are Gone|Doesn't she look great?|The Hecks celebrate Sue getting her braces off with all the food she couldn't eat for the last 6 years. From The Middle Episode 601 "Unbraceable You." ABC WEDNESDAYS 8|7c

Sue later finds out the hard way when her teeth start shifting.


The year of Sue hit a bump but Sue is right back on track with a retainer.  Watch all-new episodes of The Middle WEDNESDAYS 8|7c on ABC.