Sue Freaks Out When Trying On a Wedding Dress

By Rose Curiel | Feb 19th, 2015

On The Middle's "The Answer" episode, we find out that Sue (Eden Sher) says yes—well, actually, she says “sure”—to Darrin’s (Josh Gammon) marriage proposal. But the reluctant bride-to-be spends the next few days agonizing about her engagement and trying to figure out how to best break it off. 

Darrin's mom (guest star Ginny McMath) and her sister (guest star Charlene Tilton) don't help matters when they force Sue to try on the wedding dress that they've both worn at their weddings. And while Sue can remain polite as they slip the dress and veil on her, she completely loses it when they start talking about babies. Check out her hilarious reaction:  


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