Sue Has an Epic Meltdown After Throwing a Party

By Rose Curiel | Jan 15th, 2015

Most teenagers beg their parents for a car or a raise in their allowance, but all Sue Heck (Eden Sher) wants from dad Mike Heck (Neil Flynn) on The Middle’s “A Quarry Story” episode is the opportunity to—wait for it—clean his toilets. That’s right, once the high schooler learns her hours are getting cut at Spudsy’s and there’s a cleaning lady opening at the quarry, she hounds Mike to let her take the position.

Of course, Sue being Sue, she jumps wholeheartedly into her new role. But she unintentionally puts her job—and Mike’s!—into jeopardy when one seemingly harmless selfie causes hordes of teens to flock to the quarry for an out-of-control party that Mike has to break up.

Sue's Rockin' Quarry Party|Sue tries to stop a quarry party before getting busted by Mike.|When Sue takes a part-time job working at the quarry with Mike, she uses her keys to sneak in with Brad (Brock Ciarlelli) and Carly (Blaine Saunders). When the trio shares a selfie from the quarry, they unwittingly throw a raging party that Sue desperately tries to break up, but not before getting caught by Mike. From season 6, episode 10 of The Middle, "A Quarry Story." Don't miss all-new episodes of The Middle WEDNESDAYS 8|7c on ABC.


Even though she didn’t plan the party intentionally, Sue feels incredibly remorseful about letting her dad down. So much so, in fact, that she has an epic, tear-filled meltdown and actually suggests Mike should punish her!



 Don't miss all-new episodes of The Middle WEDNESDAYS 8|7c on ABC.