The Electric Mayhem

House Band
Character Biography

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Dr. Teeth

Dr. Teeth is the leader and keyboard player for the junk-rock super group, The Electric Mayhem. Dr. Teeth is also the absolute authority on what is cool.

Sgt. Floyd Pepper

Sgt. Floyd Pepper is the laid back bass player for The Electric Mayhem. In addition, he plays the vibes, sings solo, and keeps track of the group’s drummer, Animal. Floyd is a mixture of 50’s beat, 60’s hip and timeless cool.


Zoot is the shades-wearing, almost totally silent saxophone player for The Electric Mayhem. He usually speaks in barely audible mumbles, preferring to let his sax do the talking for him.


Animal is rampant, he is an appetite on two legs whose desires in life are very simple—drums, sleep, pain, food, and women! Yet for all of his unchecked passion, Animal is a totally innocent spirit. While his behavior may sometimes wreak havoc, he never intentionally causes harm.


Part flower child, part valley girl, and completely organic, Janice is the left-handed guitarist and sometimes tambourine player for The Electric Mayhem.


A trumpet virtuoso who adds jazzy brass to The Electric Mayhem’s repertoire, and amazingly enough, he speaks even less than Zoot. So if you want to know what’s up with Lips—talk to the horn.

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