S1 E01 Series Premiere: Pig Girls Don't Cry (Pilot)

21:21 | 09/22/15 | TV-PG | CC

It’s just another day in Hollywood. Celebrity couples break up all the time. Nevertheless, the shocking split of everyone’s favorite frog and Tinseltown’s most popular power pig is taking a toll on the behind-the-scenes production of Up Late with Miss Piggy.

The daily morning production meeting begins with Executive Producer Kermit the Frog giving notes from the previous evening’s show. The one addressing the need to have a cable strong enough to support any stunts where pigs literally fly is acknowledged. Fozzie Bear’s dilemma as to whether or not to bring champagne to a dinner with his girlfriend’s parents is not.

As Fozzie warms up the studio audience before the big show, Kermit deals with a list of demands from Miss Piggy. The most challenging request is to lose the next episode’s headliner guest—Elizabeth Banks! Fortunately, Kermit is able to book Tom Bergeron as a replacement. Gonzo’s pitch to do a Dancing with the Czars sketch with him is axed with extreme prejudice.

Fozzie’s initial meeting with the parents of his girlfriend, Becky, is awkward and tense. He tries to salvage the evening by offering to have the folks come meet Miss Piggy. He brings them to the set where Imagine Dragons is warming up. The group’s offer to have Animal join them on the road is politely rejected. It wouldn’t be good. Too many women. Too many towns.

Kermit explains how he met his current girlfriend, Denise, a marketing exec for the network. He has no qualms about admitting that he has a thing for pigs. Denise reveals that Piggy has a history with Elizabeth Banks. A disastrous screen test for The Hunger Games may be the source of the tension. Kermit doesn’t care. He’s the boss and he wants Elizabeth Banks on the show.

Scooter’s attempt to keep an early-arriving Ms. Banks busy with a 4-hour studio tour takes a violent turn. Miss Piggy has a major meltdown once she realizes Kermit defied her orders. She effectively embarrasses Fozzie in front of Becky’s folks before storming off the set.

Kermit realizes that Piggy’s problem with Elizabeth Banks has nothing to do with that terrible screen test. The problem is the two of them broke up during Elizabeth’s Pitch Perfect 2 premiere. Piggy looked up to see a poster of the acclaimed actress moments after Kermit dumped her.

Kermit and Miss Piggy ultimately agree to be honest with each other for the sake of the show. Elizabeth Banks goes on as planned which has a dejected Tom Bergeron realizing he’s been bumped. Imagine Dragons performs with the Up Late with Miss Piggy in-house band. The show goes off without a hitch if you don’t count the disappearance of Animal inside a large drum. Yes, it’s just another day in Hollywood.

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