S1 E02 Hostile Makeover

21:31 | 09/29/15 | TV-PG | CC

CODE RED! CODE RED! Miss Piggy is in a snit. Code Green is when she’s calm, so there hasn’t been one of those to date. Piggy’s latest outburst is due to the fact that the People’s Choice Awards are coming up and she doesn’t have a date. It’s up to Kermit to change that. Sadly, Jeff Goldblum is happily married and Keanu Reeves has put on a hundred pounds for an upcoming role.

Joss Groban is booked to be on Up Late with Miss Piggy. Kermit cooks up a plan to make the unsuspecting singer and his emotional ex fall in love during an over-produced duet. It works! Piggy is suddenly as pleasant as can be to everyone she sees. Kermit declares that, for the first time ever, they are in a Code Green. Yaaaaaayyyyy!!!

As it turns out, Josh Groban is much more than a musician. He’s also a producer. Piggy’s new boyfriend has some ideas for the show. One notion is to have the band go acoustic. This doesn’t quite work with a group called the Electric Mayhem. The entire studio audience, Statler and Waldorf included, is seen snoozing in their seats as group plays “Dead Inside.” It was written earlier in the day. Piggy’s interview with author Reza Aslan doesn’t do much to wake up the crowd.

The entire staff is willing to continue making bad shows if it means Miss Piggy will continue being nice to them. Kermit…not so much. Too bad he can’t get past Josh Groban to talk some sense into his host. The frustrated frog almost crashes a studio golf cart into Laurence Fishburne, who vows to never do his show because, well, it sucks.

Kermit realizes the only way to get the show back to acceptable standards is to appeal to Piggy’s need for power. A revised billboard declaring that Up Late with Miss Piggy is now “Presented by Josh Groban” has the desired effect. The velvet-throated crooner is immediately shown the door. Kermit is pleased. Then he’s ecstatic, as his dream of being trapped in an elevator with Lea Thompson is about to come true—right up until the moment Gonzo jumps in to detail a story about his mother.

Fozzie Bear gets invited to a party at Jay Leno’s house. The two comedy legends exchange pleasantries and some bathroom humor. Yes, they were literally chatting about Jay’s bathroom. An excited Fozzie feels he needs a souvenir to remember the evening, so he swipes a candy dish. Stealer’s remorse kicks in the next day.

Fozzie is summoned to Jay Leno’s home. He accidentally breaks the candy dish before heading inside. The nervous bear is surprised when Jay offers him a chance to open for him in Vegas. Fozzie needs a souvenir to remember this moment. Jay Leno catches him trying to steal his brass rooster. It reminds him of the candy dish he once stole from George Carlin. Once the truth about the aforementioned dish comes out, Fozzie is banished from Jay Leno’s house. The Vegas deal is probably off, too.

Bobo is trying to sell cookies for his daughter’s troop so she can win a mountain bike. The Muppet Newsman also has a box of sweet treats he’s looking to unload. He’s just hoping to make sales in order to look better than his ex-wife. Taking a suggestion from Scooter, Bobo boosts slumping sales by targeting the band. That'll work! Forget about that mountain bike. With all the cookie cash Bobo’s bringing in—his daughter’s getting a Prius!

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