S1 E03 Bear Left Then Bear Write

21:31 | 10/06/15 | TV-PG | CC

Fozzie has written a sketch for the show. Kermit desperately tries to avoid a discussion about it because it’s so bad. So he tells him it’s too good—for the show, that is. This idea has feature film potential. So Fozzie declares on the air that he is leaving Up Late with Miss Piggy to embark on a screenwriting career. He thanks the one frog responsible for his decision, his best pal, Kermit.


After Fozzie hits the road, Kermit breaks the new that Fozzie can’t write. That’s not enough to dissuade the determined bear from following his dream. Thankfully, Nick Offerman is available to fill in for Fozzie. All he wants is a new cappuccino machine. Then all he wants is a new boat.

Fozzie sets up camp in the woods to get down to some serious writing. Kermit tracks him down just as a park ranger shoots him with a tranquilizer dart. A very groggy Fozzie awakens a short time later. Kermit assures him that they’ll work on his sketch to make it suitable enough to be shown on TV. No matter how long it takes.

Christina Applegate has a surprise for Miss Piggy. She rolls a video from her birthday party. Piggy goes snout-first into a big cake before collapsing to the ground. The studio audience is in stitches. In fact, everyone is laughing. Well, everyone except for a certain late night TV host who is angry that the world has now seen her with frosting in her piggy parts.

Miss Piggy vows vengeance. Scooter’s quest to dig up dirt on Christina Applegate comes up empty. Since there doesn’t seem to be any embarrassing video out there, Miss Piggy opts to create one. She sends a cake-carrying Scooter up to Christian Applegate, who plays along with the gag. Piggy films the entire scene. Unfortunately, she’s arrested for doing so by the Beverly Hills P.D.

Chip the I.T. guy discovers some personal emails Gonzo has been sending to someone named Debbie. This mystery lady believes her online connection looks a lot look like Liam Hemsworth. It’s probably because Gonzo uploaded a photo of the handsome star for his online profile. Panic sets in Gonzo is supposed to meet Debbie soon. So he tracks down Liam Hemsworth, who agrees to help.

Liam is quite charming when he meets Debbie. He asks if she’d still like him if he looked like a certain little blue guy sitting across the way. Debbie assures that what counts is what’s inside. This has Liam rethinking things. He’s never met anyone who has liked him like this. Liam and Debbie make a hasty exit for a romantic dinner in Malibu. As for Gonzo, he’s still dateless in Hollywood.

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