S1 E04 Pig Out

21:32 | 10/13/15 | TV-PG | CC

While doing his warmup act, Fozzie Bear accidentally shoots Statler in the head while brandishing a loaded t-shirt rifle. The elderly heckler is down, but not out. He’s shuffled off to the hospital. On the bright side, Waldorf went home with a brand new t-shirt. In other news, Sam the Eagle’s crush on Janice frequently leaves him with an open jaw and delusions that she is also enamored with him.

Miss Piggy discovers that the crew frequents Rowlf’s Tavern for drinks after the show. She would like to be asked to join—not that she’d ever go. Kermit convinces a few staff members to extend a courtesy invitation. Surprise, surprise! Piggy declares that she’d love to join the crew for happy hour. Surprise, surprise again! Piggy turns out to be the life of the party once her old friend Ed Helms shows up.

Everyone is having a great time at the bar. Well, everyone but Sam. He’s silently stewing over the all the flirting going on between Janice and Ed Helms. As for the rest of the crew, they are rocking the night away with a solid mix of karaoke numbers. The Swedish Chef, sans his hat, is especially entertaining. Sam’s rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings” is a bit of a downer though.

As Ed Helms rocks with multiple Muppets, Miss Piggy convinces Scooter that everyone should keep partying even though they all have work the next day. The following morning, Kermit discovers that he’s the only bright-eyed member of the staff ready to prep for the show. Everyone else is out of it.

Kermit is furious when Piggy invites everyone to another night out on the town with Usher. That can’t happen. Kermit comes up with a plan. He lets Piggy know that she’s a little too special to hang with the crew. She’s the type of star that must be admired from a distance. Piggy couldn’t agree more. She lets the staff know that they can no longer party together. Chalk one up for master manipulator Kermit the Frog.

A guilt-ridden Fozzie visits Statler in the hospital. After enduring a few insults, he agrees to pick up a few items for the recovering patient. Actually, it’s more than a few. When Fozzie returns to the hospital with a full load of supplies, he discovers that Statler is gone. The only thing left in his room is note that reads “Sucker.” Hurtful, but accurate.

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