S1 E05 Walk the Swine

21:22 | 10/27/15 | TV-PG | CC

Reese Witherspoon is scheduled to be a guest on Up Late with Miss Piggy. Even though she’s one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, this particular celebrity booking has Kermit a little on edge. It seems that Miss Piggy is still holding a grudge over Reese beating her out for the lead in Walk the Line. This explains why the slighted swine had a coffee truck camp out where the Oscar winner was supposed to park.

Come show time, Reese does her best to steer the conversation away from her Oscar win to her work for Habitat for Humanity. She has plans to go to a construction site. Suddenly, Piggy has the exact same plans. She wants to show up Reese in front of the press. She makes this known to Kermit after eventually working her way out of her spanks.

Miss Piggy shows up at the construction site in her ultra-suede stiletto work boots and a pink bedazzled hammer. She’s caught off guard by the absence of press folk there. Reese is fed up. She promises that Miss Piggy is going down as the competition to see who will be the best builder heats up. The press ultimately does arrive in time to see Miss Piggy and Reese knock over part of the build during a heated exchange.

Kermit catches Piggy in tears over the dark turn her revenge plan took. She believes the only way to turn things around is to have Reese Witherspoon back on the show. The two celebrities are actually civil to each other. Reese apologizes for her actions. Piggy says that she’s sorry as well. She does by performing an epic musical number on her show. Game over. Piggy wins!

Fozzie Bear mentions his new girlfriend, Becky, during his standup routine. He makes a bunch of cracks about how sweaty she gets. The crowd loves it. Becky, however, is very upset. Fozzie brushes this off. It’s just one of the things she’ll have to deal with in dating a celebrity.

Fozzie gets a taste of his own medicine when he catches Becky making jokes about his personal quirks. At one point, she even makes him cry. Hearing the song “True Colors” will do that to some bears. Fozzie agrees to keep Becky out of his act. He bombs big time. Thankfully, Becky gives him the go-ahead to make fun of her once more. The belly laughs are back!

Rizzo crashes into Scooter’s brand new car on the studio lot. Airbags deployed and the damage is substantial. The two drivers agree to keep the insurance companies out of it. Rizzo has a cousin with an auto body shop downtown. The guy’s a wizard with a rubber mallet. Unfortunately, he’s also a fairly sketchy character. Scooter gets a huge fine while driving a loaner car. Rizzo offers him the services of another family member who is a lawyer. This only makes things go from bad to worse for Scooter.

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