S1 E06 The Ex-Factor

21:31 | 11/03/15 | TV-PG | CC

Kermit is a bit on edge whenever his current girlfriend, Denise, and his ex-lady love, Miss Piggy are in close proximity. He doesn't want worlds to collide. But collide they do. Denise can't help but introduce herself to Up Late guest Kristin Chenoweth while she's chatting with Piggy. Kermit eventually shuffles his rambling girlfriend away, but the damage has been done.

With Denise's birthday coming up fast, Kermit is on the hunt for the perfect gift. Every suggestion he fields from the staff is less-than-ideal. Kermit ends up at Color Me Mine where he hopes to create a truly personal present. Scooter offers some constructive criticism on all artistic decisions. He's a regular at the popular "paint your own pottery" place. Sadly, Kermit's plate depicting his first date with Denise ends up getting tossed into the Whoopsy Bin.

Fresh out of options, Kermit goes to the one person who has a true gift for gift-giving. That would be Miss Piggy, who needs some personal info before getting started. Kermit rattles off some of Denise's likes. They include Georgia Bulldogs football, black and white photography and putting ketchup on just about everything. It's off to the mall! Then it's not. Kermit has an important meeting with the head of the network. No problem. Piggy offers to pick up the gift for him.

Kermit's birthday lunch with Denise is almost at an end. Piggy has been incommunicado. There's still no sign of her by the time cake comes. Finally, Piggy arrives bearing gifts. It's a jewelry box that's perfect in every way. Piggy really came through on this one, or so it seems. In reality, she made sure the box plays "You Are the Sunshine of My Life," which happens to be her song with Kermit. That's what you get when you ask your ex to buy a gift for your new pig.

The Electric Mayhem convinces Kristin Chenoweth to sing with them at Floyd's parents' 40th Anniversary party. The van ride to the big bash takes a nasty turn when questions about relationships and paychecks arise. There's a big blowup that ends once the band realizes that Kristin Chenoweth is the source of all their tension. So they leave her by the side of the road with a half-eaten bag of Funions.

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