S1 E07 Pig's in a Blackout

21:31 | 11/10/15 | TV-PG | CC

When Patrick Dempsey cancels a guest appearance due to an unforeseen poison ivy rash, plans are made to have Swedish Chef carve a butter sculpture of Miss Piggy’s head. Unfortunately, Sweetums crashes while transporting a giant block of the churned dairy product. The on-set mess along with an elevator malfunction and ever-changing lunch orders has Kermit stressed to the point where he passes out!

Both Miss Piggy and Denise agree that Kermit needs some time away to relax at a spa. While he’s gone, Scooter is chosen to take over the show. After ordering complimentary coffee for the crew, he adjusts the thermostat in the production offices. That’s a mistake. A unit malfunction leads to Beaker being blasted into a wall thanks an icy rush of pressurized air.

The damaged air conditioner causes a whole slew of problems for Scooter. Lights burst from the condensation causing an impromptu fireworks show on the set. Piggy’s entire winter collection is ruined and melted butter on the floor leads to slipping, sliding and a scalding of Beaker with hot coffee. The only thing more painful than the A/C issue is Sam’s awkward attempts to smooth-talk Janice.

Gonzo convinces his temporary boss that the show must go on. Scooter figures out a way to do things without electricity. Candles adorn the set. Miss Piggy declares that this Up Late latest episode is all about raising awareness for energy conservation. They even have a band that doesn’t need to plug in with guest musical act Pentatonix.

Kermit meets up with Jason Bateman at the spa. The two of them are scolded for not paying attention during some relaxation time. Jason asks Kermit to help him out with some production issues. He got roped into directing his daughter’s school’s rendition of Wicked. Jason Bateman won’t let up with his production requests. His disruptive ways get Kermit kicked out of the spa.

Kermit drowns his sorrows at Rowlf’s Tavern where the proprietor gives him some sound advice on how to cope with life. Chewing on an old shoe is more of a dog thing though. Kermit returns to work where there are still lots of problems. He takes solace in the fact that he loves what he does. As for his way of coping with stress, Kermit gets back to his roots by breaking out his banjo to sing a nice little song about a “Rainbow Connection.”

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