S1 E08 Too Hot To Handler

20:31 | 11/17/15 | TV-PG | CC

Scooter is smitten with Miss Piggy’s latest Up Late guest—Chelsea Handler. He sometimes watches her on the naughty-language channels after his mom goes to bed. Scooter’s overjoyed to hear that Chelsea is looking to settle down with a dorky fellow with a steady job. He feels he has real a shot at being her man, or at least her “boy toy” if Uncle Deadly’s assessment of the situation is accurate.

Even after Rizzo and Pepe make him self-conscious about his hands, Scooter gets up enough nerve to ask out Chelsea Handler. It doesn’t go smoothly, but a date is made nevertheless. A first kiss is swapped before dessert. This freaks out Scooter to the point where he flees the restaurant. Chelsea Handler won’t be ignored though. She sends Scooter multiple texts and flowers the next day.

Scooter lets Chelsea know that things are moving way too fast between the two of them. He just can’t hang with such a racy lady. Chelsea offers to slow things down. She’ll revert back to her old high school moves. Scooter feels junior high would be better.

Fozzie is very excited to ask Becky to move in with him. Kermit worries he may be moving a little too fast for someone he’s only known for 12 weeks. He and Denise join Fozzie and Becky for trivia night at Rowlf’s. It’s Kermit’s way of trying to dig up dirt on his best pal’s gal. Kermit believes that Becky cheats at trivia. He shares his concerns with Denise, who advises him not to meddle. But meddle he does.

Kermit tries to test Becky’s intellect. Unfortunately, his staff keeps chiming in with random responses to his queries. Kermit finally has no choice but call out Becky as a cheater. As it turns out, she isn’t. The reason she was checking her phone during trivia night is because she was bidding on a new fanny pack for Fozzie. She found one that won’t irritate the fur-plugs on his belly. Kermit feels terrible.

Rumors fly about the rift between Kermit and Fozzie. The Electric Mayhem has some particularly interesting theories about Kermit being a robot. The tension on the set comes to a head when Fozzie realizes that Kermit doesn’t think of him as an adult. He asks him to give him a little more respect. Kermit agrees to do just that, but he’s still going to keep an eye on him. That’s just what friends do.

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