S1 E09 Going, Going, Gonzo

21:31 | 12/01/15 | TV-PG | CC

After Miss Piggy is told she can't advertise her new Piggy Water product (it’s buttery good) on the show, she welcomes guest Joseph Gordon-Levitt. They do a snazzy duet of "Fly Me to the Moon." A technical snafu leads to a large lunar prop narrowly missing the two onstage singers. Backstage, Gonzo gets caught in a high-flying mess that ends with him crashing into the craft service table. He’s not hurt. In fact, Gonzo thought the catastrophe was totally awesome!

Gonzo's near-death experience has Scooter bailing on poker night with the crew. Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes his place. During the game, Gonzo expresses his regret over the stunt that got away—shooting out of a cannon over Cactus Gorge. As for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he proves that being an actor comes in handy when bluffing in poker.

Scooter seeks advice from the Electric Mayhem on how to live life to the fullest. Janice offers to pierce his ear. Scooter totally freaks out. The Electric Mayhem doesn't mind that at all. They also don’t mind playing tunes differently than they did during rehearsals. Music guest Dave Grohl totally embraces this philosophy as he jams with the band. He also finally gets to take part in a long-awaited drum-off with Animal.

Kermit interrupts Piggy's latest beauty treatment (nasal electro-contouring isn’t pretty) to ask if Gonzo can perform his stunt that got away on the show. It'll all be sponsored by Piggy Water. As the big event nears, Gonzo gets cold feet, so Kermit gives him an out. Gonzo is relieved. Then he's inspired. Without any fanfare and only a nervous Kermit looking on, he fires himself out of a cannon on the roof and lands safely in a big pool of Piggy Water. Gonzo the Great is now Gonzo the Greatest!

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