S1 E10 Single All the Way

21:31 | 12/08/15 | TV-PG | CC

It’s time for the Up Late with Miss Piggy live holiday special. Kermit is dealing with a few pre-show problems. Fozzie is turning out to be the most depressing Santa ever after Becky breaks up with him. Also, guest star Mindy Kaling truly can’t carry a tune during her holiday duet with Miss Piggy. On the bright side, Yolanda is racking up lots of Christmas gifts after initiating a sly Secret Santa scheme.

Miss Piggy offers to help get Fozzie past his heartbreak. Her secret to feeling better: Stuff! This includes gifts like cheese baskets and cordless neck massagers. As cool as this collection of presents is, Fozzie still misses Becky. Piggy advises him to fight for his true love. She’s taken aback when Fozzie brings up her relationship with Kermit and how she’s now alone at Christmas. At least she has cheese.

Pepe believes that Rizzo is lying about having Yolanda for the Secret Santa exchange because he actually has him. That’s not the case at all. Everyone realizes that they all have Yolanda. They also know that she was overlooked last Christmas. To make up for it, the gang gives her all their presents anyway. Yolanda is overwhelmed. She’s also wondering if everything has a gift receipt.

In an effort to get Mindy Kaling to NOT sing on the show, Gonzo pitches an idea for a comedy sketch. It’s called the Bachelor Elves. A bunch of little guys compete for her heart. Mindy digs both puns and parodies, but she truly believes the public wants to hear her sing.

Fozzie makes amends with Becky, but now Piggy is the one having an emotional crisis. She takes a break from her mass consumption of cheese to detail how she’s alone at Christmas. Kermit assure her that lots of people are alone right up until the moment she comes onto their TV screen. He admits that she was his favorite show long before she was ever on television. For Miss Piggy, the feeling is mutual. On with the show!

Piggy belts out her part of the holiday duet. Then it comes time for Mindy Kaling to sing. Kermit figured out a solution to this potential disaster by surrounding her with all of the other Muppets. After all, no one should be alone at Christmas. Everyone sings a happy holiday song including Kermit, who is thankful he’ll have a few weeks off to sort through some suddenly confusing feelings.

Speaking of feelings, Sam is desperately hoping to score a kiss from Janice under the Mistletoe. Unfortunately, Chip the I.T. guy interferes with his first chance at a holiday smooch. Later, at a holiday gathering where Echosmith provides the music, Janice sidles up to Sam at the bar. She was touched by the fact that he was hanging out with the socially-awkward Chip earlier. It was really sweet—just like the kiss on the cheek Janice plants on Sam.

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