S1 E03 Things Just Got Real

21:36 | 10/10/12 | TV-PG | CC

Marty and Debbie are getting along with the Zabvronians, but among other things, the aliens’ constant desire to touch their hair is a little disconcerting. So they set up a night out with their human friends, and make it clear to Larry and Jackie that they’re not invited. A gesture that they, of course, misinterpret. Reggie is entranced by Marty’s human ways, which Larry feels is a slap at his position as man of the house. So he goes over to dominate them at poker. Jackie watches a show about real Jersey housewives to brush up on human behavior. It turns out to not be the best course of study.

Memorable Quotes:

Jackie: I was chatting with Dennis Rodman at our weekly nuclear safety meeting, and he told me that Venus Williams caught Mike Tyson feeding Maria Sharapova’s alpaca tulips from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s garden. I think we all know what that means.
Debbie: Do we?

Debbie: I’m the best version of myself when I drink Sangria.

Debbie: I’m dressed like a real housewife.
Reggie: Which you would know if you bought us a real telephone to watch television on.

Larry: I’m here to dominate the men.
Debbie: I’m here to hang with the bitches.


After Jackie goes all real housewife on Debbie’s friends and causes a huge fight, Debbie gets real with Jackie: Debbie and Marty like them, it’s just hard to have to explain everything all the time. Jackie and Larry understand -- they like the Weavers, but it’s tiring to always have to dumb things down for them. That’s cute or something, right?

Meanwhile, Reggie blows up at his dad because he feels Larry won’t try to adapt to Earth culture. But Larry’s just afraid that the Zabvronians won’t get home anytime soon, and he doesn’t want his family to forget where they came from. He makes amends when he steals one of the Weavers' seven TVs for Reggie. Aww…

Memorable Quotes:

Marty: OK, so that awkwardly concludes the father tribute portion of our poker game.

Jackie: So we really are girlfriends, then?
Debbie: Oh, Jackie. We’re crying on the floor of a public bathroom. We’re the definition of girlfriends.

(Marty tells Larry a heartfelt story about the trials of being a father.)
Sound advice, Marty Weaver. Long walk to get there, but sound advice.
Marty: Yeah, I know.
Larry: I though the story would never end, I was beginning to panic.
Marty: OK, we’re done here.

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