S1 E06 Larry Bird and the Iron Throne

20:46 | 10/31/12 | TV-PG | CC

Abby's birthday is coming up! Hooray! Except that planning a birthday party makes Debbie go a little crazy. She's planning the perfect party, but there are bumps – lots of them – along the way.

Larry joins Marty at work to get a taste of the white collar world. He mostly just gets obsessed with Marty's wheelchair-bound boss – he's pretty sure it's her throne. And he's still unclear as to why humans spend all their time working to provide for a family they never get to see because they're working. He's got a point.

Memorable Quotes:

Dick: Oh, Debbie Weaver. Your eating issues amuse me so.

Debbie: Basically for parents, a birthday is a chance to make up for the other 364 days where you probably have scarred your child emotionally.

Reggie: Maybe I'll get Amber a present.
Dick: It's unclear but you may need to involve a fat man in a red suit who comes down a chimney.

Jackie: Apparently they're getting her a unicorn cake.
Larry: Clearly they've never tasted unicorn before.
Jackie: I tried to warn her.

Marty: I used to be in the bullpen too, until three years ago when my boss made me head of inventory, and then I got this. (opens the door to his modest office) I know it's not much, but I'm pretty proud of it.
Larry: Why?

(re: the delivery men blowing up the bounce house)
Debbie: Does this look like a princess castle to you? A dinosaur, I get it! It's extinct, just like my daughter's dreams for a fun party!

Reggie's trying to find a gift for Amber. He partially misunderstands how birthdays work, and he partially still just has a huge crush on Amber. Nothing seems to satisfy her, because she just wants to be back home in Bayonne. So Reggie paints a streetscape on her bedroom wall just like the view out of her old place. It's perfect.

When it looks like the party's a bust, Jackie mobilizes the Zabvronians. They make the best of a party with the wrong accessories, and show Debbie that perfect isn't always best.

Memorable Quotes:

Debbie: I know I'm not right, and I know it's not natural. And I know that I will look back on the rage I'm feeling right now and be disappointed in myself. But I told you to curl the ribbon, and you did not curl the ribbon. And now I feel the need to double-check all the ribbon you claim to have curled, and THAT UPSETS ME.

Dick: I've decided what I'd want if I had a birthday. I'd want a birthday party.
Jackie: Oh, Dick. I would give you the moon and the stars if I could. But mother has seen war, and famine, and death, and yet she has never seen anything quite as terrifying, nor confounding, as a child's birthday party.
Dick: So, that's a no on the birthday party?

(re: Marty's lovey-dovey talk with Debbie)
Larry: "I love you times two?" Beware -- if I regurgitate, it will melt you.

Larry (jumping in the bounce house): Marty! My face is hurting! I'm smiling too much!

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