S1 E15 Space Invaders

21:33 | 02/06/13 | TV-PG | CC

Amber and Jeremy look like they're an item. Debbie's not sure -- Amber doesn't talk to her about boys anymore. Reggie and Giselle are constant companions as well too, and now Giselle wants to know if she's his girlfriend. Reggie's not sure -- not because he's hesitant, but because he doesn't know how human relationships work. He gets some advice from Debbie, and commits. Way too much. He proposes. And she says yes.

That's not good news for Jackie and Larry. They were already worried they were losing their son to Giselle. Larry's started lashing out, mostly by antagonizing Marty in hopes of prompting a fight so he can feel like a man. He's pretty sure that's how men express emotions.

Memorable Quotes:

Debbie: So when Amber texts Jeremy--
Larry: I've seen a smiley face, a tongue -out face and a couple of times, LMAO.
Debbie: Oh my God, "Let my ass out!" She's texting "Let my ass out!"

Marty: Amber is dating, Max. The nightmare has begun. Winter is coming.
Max: Game of Thrones?
Marty: Game of Thrones.

Larry: Marty, I won't lie. I'm upset about Reggie and his newfound relationship with that google-eyed simpleton.
Marty: OK, so why don't we talk about it?
Larry: No, no talk. I've done the research. Human males are simple. They mask their emotions through drink, farts, and physical violence. The drink didn't take; we're all out of farts. I moved your fence to provoke you. Fight me, Marty. Give me respite to my feelings. Don't make me spit in your orange juice.

Reggie: Thank you, Debbie Weaver. I hope our girl talk satisfied you.
Debbie: Oh Reggie, you sweet boy. If it did I would not be about to pound an entire tank of ice cream.

After Jackie blows up at Reggie and Debbie, and Larry finally insults Marty enough to fight, everyone in Hidden Hills is pretty miserable. Then Amber and Larry have a surprising conversation that sets in motion a change of heart for everyone, including Reggie, who decides that maybe just boyfriend-girlfriend is fine with Giselle for now.

Jackie tells Reggie how she feels about losing him, and he reassures her that he'll always be her son and he'll always love her. Larry and Marty talk like true friends, Amber opens up -- briefly -- to Debbie about boy trouble.

She even tells Debbie she might be falling in love with Reggie -- Debbie takes it as a joke, and Amber, painfully, plays along. Guess things won't be getting easier anytime soon.

Memorable Quotes:

Jackie: I'm just going to go outside and tell Reggie that I forbid this marriage.
Debbie: Ooh, Jackie…I would not do that.
Jackie: Hey, Mint Chocolate Chip -- I think the advice portion of your afternoon is over.

Jackie: I know what a shock it is. We're going to have to figure out how to handle it.
Giselle's Dad: There is nothing to figure out…we're paying for the wedding.
Giselle's Mom: But not until next year. Luke didn't make baby on me 'til I was 17.

Jackie: I forbid this marriage. You are to go to your room until--
Reggie: Until when--

Amber: You don't have to fight to be a man, just be a man, man.
(Amber leaves)
Larry: A man-man?

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