S1 E21 Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems

21:32 | 03/20/13 | TV-PG | CC

Debbie wants to contribute more to the family financially, so she's looking to get her purse-making business off the ground again. She enlists Jackie, who's excited about the prospect, though Larry disapproves; he's got a rather chauvinistic view of women in the workplace.

Jeremy keeps driving Amber, and she's trying to make it clear she's not interested. Reggie, however, is way too interested in the pair's relationship, and Gisele notices. She tells Amber she knows what's up. She fought for Season 9 of One Tree Hill, and she will fight for Reggie too!

Marty is busy trying to find something that he and Max can bond over. He's pretty sure it's going to be puzzles, though a bored max disagree. Dick, by the way, is a crazy puzzle savant. He's also practicing to be a sidekick on a late night talk show.

Memorable Quotes:

Marty: Please don't tell me you're going to do the purse thing again.
Debbie: Thing?
Marty: Hobby?
Debbie: Business. Because it broke even.
Marty: Even?
Debbie: Almost even.

Jeremy: I got good news for you, dude -- I'm ready to take you back.
Amber: I have bad news for you, ma'am -- I broke up with you.

Debbie: This is what my life's been missing, Jackie. I feel like myself again, doing what I went to school for.
Jackie: You went to school for talking about yourself?

(On phone)
Debbie: I totally spaced on Abby's Sunshine Scouts meeting. They're dropping the girls off any minute, watch them 'til I get there.
Marty: I can't, babe. I'm all the way downtown at the puzzle store buying glue.
Debbie: OK, Marty, that is so sad that I hope that is a lie and you are at a strip club.

While Debbie and Jackie are off pursing it up, Larry fills in as the leader of Abby's Sunshine Scouts meeting. He begins by teaching them their place is in the kitchen, but he's entranced by their hair braiding skills, and soon he loves everything about them. Are the Bird-Kersees ready for a daughter?

When the purse-making business gets behind schedule, Jackie decides to let women help women…and puts the Sunshine Scouts to work in a garage sweatshop. It, uh…goes over poorly. But Marty, Max and Abby believe in Debbie, and they make it clear they'll support her business however they can.

Memorable Quotes:

Abby: We're supposed to be talking about badges. What are we doing?
Larry: What your mothers are supposed to be doing: preparing you for your future, little women. This is how you'll spend your days…in the kitchen, quietly waiting for your husbands to come home from work. Don't. Get. Fat.

Abby: See? We can do stuff. So can you please help us earn some badges so we don't waste our whole day?
Larry: I want to say no, but your twelve little eyes are working overtime. Even Tanner's lazy one is pulling at my heartstrings. Is she looking at me? Is she looking at the wall? I don't know and I don't care!

Debbie: Jackie, we're not failing because we're women. We're failing because we're failures.
Jackie: Now you're just trying to make me feel better.

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