S1 E22 It Has Begun...

21:35 | 03/27/13 | TV-PG | CC

The Weavers are going to Atlantic City. They didn't invite the Bird-Kersees, but they're going anyway. While Dick's at home in charge of the kids he gets a message on the TV from his grandfather. If you think that sounds crazy, well, the rest of the messages are transmitted via toast. So there.

At the casino, Jackie sees some Bachelorette parties going on, and then she gets entranced by wedding dresses and wants one for herself. In other love news, Reggie's ready to tell Gisele that he's an alien. At least, he thinks he is.

Memorable Quotes:

Jackie: Weddings are not a thing on Zabvron. After Larry Bird and I had been together for a year, a clerk from the Hall of Records popped by to tell us we were married and we signed our names in the Book of Sorrows, and that was about that.

Jackie (down on one knee): Larry Bird, four hundred and seventy-two years ago, I met you on opposing sides of an intergalactic battlefield. And when you won and started mutilating my fellow freedom fighters, I knew--
Debbie: Jackie, people are starting to look, so let's move it along.
Jackie: Lawrence Bird, will you marry me?

Larry: We are married.
Jackie: But I want to stand up in front of everyone and proclaim my love for you.
Larry: All right then. I have a question for you, my darling. After we do your thing, can we please see a freakin' puppet show?

The messages from Dick's grandpa are quite urgent: He's pulling the plug on the Earth mission, and everyone's supposed to come home to Zabvron. The adults race home, and Larry confronts his father. Yes, he complains about Earth 24/7, but he's learned so much, and he loves it here. He's not leaving -- not for a few more seasons. (Fingers crossed!)

Before Reggie can tell Gisele his big secret, he tells her another. He's in love with Amber. And this time, Amber's ready too. They finally kiss.

It's going to be an interesting summer.

Memorable Quotes:

Reggie: You're my favorite thing about Earth.
Amber: So are you.
Reggie: You and Joe Biden.
Amber: Love me some Joe Biden.

Grandpa: Hello Debbie.
Debbie and Jackie: Hello.
Jackie (off Debbie's look): Oh, back on Zabvron my name is Debbie. I never told you that?
Debbie: No, I think I would have remembered that.
Jackie: Oh. (pause) Debbie Callahan.

Grandpa: The mission is over. Zabvronians, move out!
Larry: No. I'm not going back. And neither is my family. We like it here.
Abby: Really? Because all you do is piss and moan about how much you hate it here.

Larry: Father you'd love it here. I've learned so much already. I feel like I just need another six, or maybe seven seasons – I mean, years – to figure it all out.

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