S2 E01 Family Conference

21:27 | 09/20/13 | TV-PG | CC

Reggie and Amber have been dating over summer, news that surprises and worries both the Weavers and the Bird-Kersees. No one's really comfortable with interspecies dating, so the families hold a conference to determine whether or not this relationship will go on. (Reggie and Amber? Definitely not fans of this approach.)

Memorable Quotes:

Jackie: And we thought that Smash was going to last forever.
Larry: Not even a pity move to Fridays.

Jackie: Do I wish that [Reggie] forwent dating altogether and stayed with me forever?
Larry: Yes, you do.
Jackie: Yes I do. And do I sometimes fantasize that he was pocket-sized so I could carry him around with me in my breast pocket?
Larry: More than I'm comfortable with.

Amber: You gotta stop caring about what your parents thnk, man. Parents don't understand.
Reggie: Ring ring! Hey Amber, DJ Jazzy Jeff called, and...
Amber: Yes?
Reggie: He wants his...expression...to go back...to him.
Amber: No.

Larry: You know the old saying...Happy wife, happy life.
Debbie: That's right.
Larry: No need to use a knife.
Debbie: That's wrong.

Larry: We usually go in order of prettiness, but I'm going to let Jackie go first this time. Because as the old saying goes, "When the wife remains happy, the knife can stay in the drawer."
Debbie: Where are you finding these sayings?

Jane: I'm Jane. I'm here to claim Reggie Jackson for all of time. And you are?
Amber: Going to gouge out your dimples with my thumbs.

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