S2 E02 September Fools

21:07 | 09/27/13 | TV-PG | CC



Larry just learned about April Fools Day. He’s excited for it, but Marty and Debbie aren’t sure playing pranks would be his thing anyway. They think Larry lacks a sense of “nuance.” Larry’s response? Challenge accepted. The eight months he has to wait just means he has time to hone his craft -- and he immediately gets to work.

It’s family photo day at the Weaver house. Debbie is understandably concerned when the kids come back from hanging out with Dick Butkus and his aging machine -- now they’re basically middle-aged little people. Which will be a lot harder to explain, years down the road.

Memorable Quotes:

Larry! We’re here! Where’s the fire?
Larry: What? There’s no fire.
Debbie: You said there was an emergency and to bring a fire extinguisher.
Larry: Yes, there is an emergency AND bring a fire extinguisher. They’re two separate thoughts.

Max: Why do I have to wear a vest and a tie? I look like Magic Mike.
Abby and Debbie: No you don’t.
Debbie: (to Abby) Did you watch that movie again after I explicitly told you not to?
Abby: You’re the ones wasting $20 a month on Starz. At least someone’s using it.

Dick: Video games are for fat girls and virgins.

Jackie: Don’t you think that perhaps dropping an alien off at the bus station is, maybe, a little -- and I say this without judgment -- stupid?

Larry: Marty, smell my boutonniere. I promise it won’t squirt water in your face.

(Larry extends his hand to Marty)
Marty: I see the joy buzzer in your hand, Larry.
Larry: Damn it. I’m sorry. Please accept my apologies with this non-exploding cigar.

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