S2 E03 The Neighbours

21:24 | 10/04/13 | TV-PG | CC
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Marty and Debbie went out for a romantic evening, and later that night, Marty had… an incident. (Hint: It happens to every guy.) Debbie really wants to talk about it, but Marty doesn't, and he goes to great lengths to avoid having the conversation.

The Bird-Kersees are strapped for cash now that Larry's father cut them off for not leaving Earth. Larry's too proud (or lazy) to get a job, so Jackie is working nights at a fast-food place. She meets the owner (guest star Lucy Davis, BBC's The Office), who happens to be British, who – mistakenly, thanks to Jackie's accent – is happy to meet a fellow Brit. Jackie invites her over for dinner in an attempt to impress her. But these are the Bird-Kersees, and certainly it can't be that simple, can it?

Memorable Quotes:

Jackie: Marty Weaver, is that a waffle in your mouth or are you just happy to see me?
Marty: Still not doing that joke right.
Jackie: That's what she said.
Marty: Nope.

Jackie: Are you sure this is the way to come up with an idea that will be profitable?
Debbie: Oh, Jackie. I don't want money to be the driving force here. I mean, extra cash would be great, but I need to find a job that makes me feel fulfilled.
Jackie: Said no one who ever worked in a coal mine.

Jackie: I hereby knight your breakfast burrito an Excaliburrito, and you, a knight of the Salsa Castle.
Customer: Thanks, wench.

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