S2 E04 The One with Interspecies Friends

21:13 | 10/11/13 | TV-PG | CC

On game night, it turns out Jackie knows a ton about Debbie -- but not vice versa. Dick learns that Marty eats too much and unhealthily. Debbie sets off to learn more about Jackie, and Dick wants to get Marty in shape. One task sounds harder than the other, but it’s probably not the one you’d think.

You see, Debbie keeps turning opportunities to learn about Jackie into something about her. And Dick gets hurt on the treadmill and Marty finds a way to find every vending machine at the hospital. So nobody’s plan is going very well.

Memorable Quotes:

Marty: Could we just stop game night and watch some good ol’ network TV, please?
Larry: On a Friday night? No gracias.

Father, urban slang is a bad look on you.

Jackie: Did it not strike you odd that Debbie Weaver knew so little about me?
Odd, no. Typical, yes.

Dick: I can’t stop thinking about Marty’s eating.
Debbie: OK, Dick, I’m gonna stop you right there because I’ve been fighting this losing battle for years. Unless you have some alien technology --
Dick: Even better. I make him think he is helping me.
Debbie: Aw, Dick, that’s a bit obvious. It’s like every I Love Lucy.
Dick: Fine, but if Marty’s heart explodes, you got some ’splainin’ to do!

Larry: Oh, grow a pair, Amber.

Larry: Promise me he’ll get the best care, doctor. Not that Obamacare that Fox News says kills old people and lets illegal Mexicans get gay marriage.

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