S2 E05 Challoweenukah

20:51 | 10/19/13 | TV-PG | CC

The Weavers get Halloween party invites from a super-obnoxious couple in town. They’re not going to go, but once they hear there’s a costume contest, they launch a single-minded campaign to crush the obnoxious couple.

As the Bird-Kersees set up their Halloween decorations, Larry bursts in and announces that he’s just found out about Chanukkah. He’s amazed, especially by the idea of a multi-day celebration. When Dick mentions he wishes Halloween was eight days, Larry gets an idea: Challoweenukah. However, trying to hand out candy to kids at a playground in front of your sketchy van is probably not the best way to celebrate it, as Larry soon learns.

Memorable Quotes:

Larry: Family -- a mission. We shall take the two best holidays on this planet and combine them into one new ultimate holiday.
Jackie: Great! I’m in! But how does one celebrate Flag Day Ramadan?

Amber: (to Reggie) So, Halloween. I was thinking I’d go as young Yoko Ono and you could go as old Yoko Ono, because we already have the hair.

They think they’re so fancy with their good hygiene and their top-shelf health care. “Ooh, we’re the Hollenders, we have all our vaccinations, we can’t get the smallpox.” They deserve everything they got coming.

Abby: Whenever I play house with Lainey Hollender, she makes me be the maid, and I have to empty my pockets to prove I didn’t steal the good silver.

Jackie: Maybe it’s time to celebrate Halloween Classic, and write off Challoweenukah as a noble failure, like the American jury system or Myspace.

Debbie: The Hollenders didn’t think we could afford the bet!
Marty: We can’t.
Debbie: I know! I hate them so much!

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