S2 E08 Good Debbie Hunting

21:22 | 11/15/13 | TV-PG | CC

Debbie is prepping for her grad school entrance exam, but she needs some help on the math section. Enter Dick, math genius. He’ll tutor Debbie while Marty holds down the homefront. So basically, they’re both struggling.

With Debbie and Marty occupied, Larry and Jackie start poring over the rest of the Zabvronian community to see if they can be friends with any of them. Meanwhile, Reggie is obsessed with being cool. His soulmate, Jane, starts attending his school, and she’s hot, so she’s popular, and she’s Reggie’s ticket to coolness. But it might come at the price of Amber… so he'll have to decide which one he wants more.

Memorable Quotes:

Debbie: We’re gonna have to pass on Grease Friday night because I have to study for a test. I think I said that exact same sentence 25 years ago.

We are incredibly popular. We do not sit around at night thinking about the Weavers, or if we should call the Weavers, dress like the Weavers, and act out what we think the Weavers would do in any given situation.

Jane: I ended up in New York City, where I learned two very important human laws. One, if you stand on a street corner you’ll become the property of a man named Taco who will make you dance in tall, plastic heels.
Amber: That’s not a human law.
Jane: What? Oh, Taco…

Marty: Amber, anything you wanna say to mom, you can say to me.
Amber: Oh, good. I used your last tampon, so you’re gonna have to pick up more the next time you’re out.

Reggie: It’s now time for The Game, the BET show that taught me how to be a better black man.
Logan: Wait, we’re not watching the basketball game?
Reggie: Don’t hate the playa. Also, don’t hate The Game. But I don’t think you will, it’s a solid show.

(Amber takes out her retainer)
Larry: Oh good lord, did she just take her mouth out of her mouth?
Amber: Here’s the thing, Reggie --
Jackie: Oh thank god, she had a backup mouth.

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