S2 E10 Supreme Like Me

21:26 | 12/06/13 | TV-PG | CC

Debbie and Marty have a burst pipe that floods a room in their house. It’ll obviously take a lot of work to get it cleaned up…but Amber, Max and Abby have excuses and bail on their parents.

Jackie is planning a fun day with her parents to show her all the things she loves about Earth. They’re excited until they find that Marty and Debbie need help -- as interplanetary do-gooders, they’re conditioned to help those in need. Problem is, Jackie needs them sometimes too, and this is a pattern to which she’s sadly grown accustomed.

Larry uses this time alone to continue his job hunt. When he meets a kid who tells him working on your blog at a coffee shop counts as a job, he’s ecstatic – he’s employed! But it’s possible these kids are just entitled trust-fund babies, and that might hit a little too close to home for this Supreme Leader. When he has a breakdown in front of the owner, the result is a surprise to everyone.

Max: We have a home office?
Amber: No, that’s just what Mom and Dad call the room where they keep all the crap they haven’t unpacked yet.

Jackie’s Mom: I think an entry level job would be good for you. Make you feel less entitled. Like one of the people.
Larry: The people? Gross. I am a Supreme Leader, with grace, and intellect and that certain X factor that separates the Alec Baldwins from the Stephen Baldwins.

Marty: My old Little League mitt. I remember the day my dad gave me this. He said, “Here you go, moron. Maybe this glove’ll help your game. Because right now I can’t tell if you’re playing the outfield or coming out of the closet.”

Debbie: Oh, my 4th grade report card. (to Jackie’s Mom) Could you look at all the As and say something besides, “Don’t tell boys you’re smart”?

Reggie: I’ve gotta tell you right now, Amber, you look slamming in that turtleneck. I’m sorry for being so raunchy.

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