S2 E12 Fear and Loving in New Jersey

21:24 | 01/10/14 | TV-PG | CC

Larry and Jackie thought they were trading their wallets for a very shiny knife, but it turns out they were mugged. (Which explains why the guy forgot to give them the knife.) Debbie decides they need a safety seminar…but that just ends up frightening them more, because they had basically no idea there was so much out there to be frightened about. So they react totally rationally and hole up in the panic room they built upstairs at the Weaver house.

Amber loves Reggie. At least, he’s pretty sure she does. He tells her a lot, but she has yet to say it back. He thinks humans are more likely to connect when they’re frightened, so he proposes a scary movie night -- but Jane crashes it. Amber decides that she has to get rid of Jane once and for all. But after a serious sit-down with her nemesis, it might be that Jane is the one setting Amber straight.

Memorable Quotes:

Debbie: How was your day, honey?
Oh, it was crappy, because--
You work at a diaper company. Yep, never gets old.
Marty: It’s my best joke.
Debbie: No argument from me.

Max: Quick favor, Dad. Can I borrow your old football helmet and a blowtorch?
Debbie: Should we say “No” now or you wanna drag it out a little?
Marty: I mean, I’m curious.

Guys, you were mugged.
Jackie: What’s mugged? Is that another Christmas tradition, like eggnog or being disappointed by a Will Smith movie?

Amber: Thanks again for renting The Shining.
Reggie: I went to four abandoned Blockbusters and got my hand stuck in a Redbox machine for two hours, but my baby gets what my baby wants.

Larry: Oh, Marty. You’re asking Wheel of Fortune questions to Jeopardy people.

Debbie: Marty, are you hurt?
Marty: Just my pride. Oh, and my body. She got my body pretty good, too.

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