S2 E14 Man, Actually

21:15 | 01/24/14 | TV-PG | CC

Debbie’s starting business school. On day one, her professor is hitting on her. Unfortunately, she needs help, so she’s going to swing by her professor’s office hours -- she’s just going to make sure she looks awful when she does. But when she asks for Marty’s help on outfits that make her look bad, he goes a little tiny bit way too far.

Amber and Reggie are both reeling from the breakup. Maybe it was a mistake? Amber starts having second thoughts, while Larry encourages Reggie to express himself in a song. Reggie performs his song at the coffee shop just as Amber arrives, ready to tell him she wants to get back together…but will the song change her mind?

Memorable Quotes:

Debbie:  If you love our daughter, Marty, you will make her cry.

Jackie: Now help me deal with our little Dick problem.
Larry: What are you talking about? Dick’s fine.
Dick: Bite me.
Larry: See? Classic Dick.

Marty: You wanna watch Die Hard? We could take a bite of ice cream for every dead terrorist. It’s gonna get pretty tasty twenty minutes in.

Larry: Carl! We’ll need the stage clear.
Carl: We don’t have a stage.
Larry: Then build it, Carl! (to Reggie) Ugh, Carl is the worst.

Amber: These movies make me crazy. If these people would just tell each other how they feel, then everything would be okay.
Marty: I know, right? If The Walking Dead guy would’ve just told Pirates of the Caribbean girl that he loved before she went and married that dude from 12 Years a Slave, maybe he wouldn’t be all alone wondering “What if?” Jerk.
Amber: Then again, the movie would be over in five minutes.

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