S2 E15 You've Lost That Larry Feeling

20:55 | 01/31/14 | TV-PG | CC

Debbie was afraid her business school friends would think of her as a mom, but they don’t -- they call her Deb. She’s just cool older woman in their class. She ushers Marty out the door when they come by to study...Marty assumes it’s because he’s not cool enough. So he comes back with a keg. Not appropriate. But the real question is, can Deb repress her motherly instincts when the kids start needing dating advice, or food, or clean laundry?

Larry finally comes by the Salsa Castle so he can visit Jackie’s workplace -- but he does not like what we finds. Specifically, Jackie’s “work husband,” Keith. His jealousy kicks in pretty much immediately, and he enlists Marty to help him spy on Keith and Jackie to make sure nothing shady is going on. He’s probably just trying to preempt any future shady activity when he kidnaps Keith, by the way.

Memorable Quotes:

(Larry’s wearing headphones)
Good morning, husband.
Larry: Oh, hey bro. Just listening to an obscure guy’s album that hasn’t come out yet. It’s life changing. (Smiling) Just practicing my aloof coffee-shop guy attitude. These aren’t plugged into anything.

Marty: It’s not all that rewarding, parenting, is it?
Let’s stop.

Reggie: This morning, Amber told me that she is completely over me and that we should see other people. So I guess that means you and I are dating now. Congratulations.
Jane: No thank you.
Reggie: Great! Wait, what?

Larry: I’m not jealous…but maybe my body was. Clearly, it got confused, and reacted to feelings I wasn’t feeling.
Marty: That doesn’t make much sense.
Larry: Or does it?
Marty: It doesn’t.

Jackie: Why would I go for a joyride on a moped when my soul mate is a Maserati?
Keith: Wow, that’s hurtful.
Larry: Pipe down, moped.

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