S2 E16 Oscar Party

20:40 | 02/28/14 | TV-PG | CC

Debbie joined Facebook to connect with her classmates, but now she’s seeing all the updates from her old friends in Bayonne -- and it looks like they’re missing a lot of parties. They’re worried that their friends resent them for moving out of Bayonne, so they’re ready for an old-school, simple party. The Bird-Kersees, however, decide it’s time to throw the fanciest Oscar party ever – complete with Erik Estrada, Carrot Top, and a caviar fountain (you read that right). That’s not the message the Weavers wanted to send their old pals.

Max has hockey tryouts, and Amber has to drive him there. She takes Abby too, which proves fortuitous when Amber starts overhearing all the chauvinistic things the hockey dads are saying. She pushes Abby to try out too, and it turns out she’s amazing. Too amazing for Max, that’s for sure -- because now he’s getting upstaged by his sister.

Memorable Quotes:

Marty: I though you said you were going to the library.
I thought so too but I literally can’t get off Facebook.
Marty: I literally don’t think you know what literally means.

Abby: My name is Abby Weaver, and I would like to audition for your hockey show.

Carrot Top: (handing a bowl to Erik Estrada) Chips? Haha, dude, that’s classic. Didn’t even need to go to the trunk for that one.
Erik Estrada: What charity is this for again?
Carrot Top: I have no idea. I come to everything.

Marty: What the hell is that?
Larry: Looks like someone’s never seen a caviar fountain before.

Max: For once I wanted to be the Weaver that’s good at something. Abby’s good at everything. Now I’ll never be the goodest at anything.
Amber: “Goodest” isn’t a word.
Max: Yeah, because that’s exactly what I needed to hear right now.

Jackie: We would go to the ends of the universe to see our best friends. There’s nowhere you could go we wouldn’t find you. Literally nowhere. Wherever you go, we will find you. You’ll never get away from us.

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