S2 E17 Balle Balle!

21:21 | 03/07/14 | TV-PG | CC

Larry got invited to his coworker’s traditional Indian wedding. The Bird-Kersees do a little research by watching Bollywood movies. So naturally, now they love singing and dance numbers, and manage get the whole community into it as well. And then he decides a full-scale Bollywood number is the best gift he could give for his coworker. Jay would probably prefer a mixer or something, though.

The Weavers go about planning a Zabvronian-free weekend. Marty and Debbie want to have a family picnic! Fun, right? No. At least, not according to their kids. The Weavers set about trying to prove they're fun -- and it's tougher than they thought.

Memorable Quotes:

Jackie: My husband’s friend from the coffee shop has invited him to his traditional Indian wedding.
What am I gonna wear? I need something that’s really going to stand out, you know? Makes me the center of attention.
Jackie: I’m going to wear a beautiful white gown.

Larry: Oh, great. Here come the holier-than-thou Weavers, telling us all about what we aren’t capable of doing on our own. How many more times are we going to have to do this? Don’t you remember what happened last year when you said we couldn’t go to that Broadway musical on our own?
Marty: Yeah, you tried putting on your own Broadway musical, Dick Butkus fell in a well, and you almost ended up being exposed as aliens.
Larry: Yes, Marty. But this isn’t Season 1 anymore.

Jackie: I found something online called their gift registry. Evidently they’ve already chosen their gifts.
Larry: Nonsense! If Jay and the future Mrs. Jay know what’s good for them, they’ll let Larry Bird decide what’s good for them.

Larry: The wedding’s in an hour, and our performance is worse than Dick’s was in that Skechers commercial.
Jackie: When did that happen? That sounds like a really good episode.

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