S2 E19 Uncle Benjamin

21:27 | 03/21/14 | TV-PG | CC

Debbie and her mom don’t have the greatest relationship -- Debbie feels like she wasn’t around enough to be a good mom. That partially explains why she told Abby that she was dead. But she also thinks her kids should know their grandma. So the Weavers pack up for a visit to San Diego, and being the Bird-Kersees along so there are more people to run interference with Debbie’s mom if she gets too crazy.

When they meet Janet’s new special friend, it turns out it’s a kid -- Janet adopted a 10-year-old. She’s made a lot of life changes, and she’s turning over a new leaf. But Debbie’s heard that before, and she’s not sure this time will be any different. But is it her concern that her mom will ruin Benjamin – or is it the jealousy of watching her mom be a doting mother for once?

The kids have battles of their own. Abby’s afraid of the ocean after watching her dad get swept out to sea and resuscitated by a lifeguard a few years back, so a beach trip isn’t ideal for her. Nor is this trip great for Reggie and Amber, who are forced to be in close quarters while they’re clearly still dealing with their breakup.

Memorable Quotes:

Debbie: Don’t you guys remember Grandma Janet?
Ohhh, is she the one you said went off to live on a farm where she could roam free with all the other grandmas?
Amber: A proud parenting moment, Deborah.
Debbie: Oh, zip it. Like you’re gonna be such a good parent.
Amber: Another proud parenting moment.

Larry: Wife. This was a mistake. Vacations are full of new things I hate.

Janet: These are your neighbors?
Larry: And you must be Debbie’s estranged, slutty mother.

Ben: Are these my new cousins?
Janet: Well technically, you’re their new uncle.
Ben: Hi, I’m your uncle. Wanna see my toys?

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