S2 E21 All That Jazzy Jeff

21:27 | 04/04/14 | TV-PG | CC

Jackie really does want another child. So between that, Reggie's neverending love saga with Amber, and his brother DJ Jazzy Jeff showing up to keep tabs on him per his father's orders …well, he's got a lot on his mind. And it would all totally be sooooo much worse if Jeff had some sort of nefarious plan, which Larry is certain Jeff has, despite his protestations.

So having Jeff around is making everything so much worse…except that it turns out Jeff is recommending the same thing Larry's been saying everyone should do. But perhaps this is all part of DJ Jazzy Jeff's nefarious plan?  

Amber's got a new boyfriend -- a human boyfriend -- and she's actually girl-talking with Debbie about it! Debbie can barely contain herself. And she doesn't, because she tells Jackie, who in turn tells DJ Jazzy Jeff. Which probably isn't be a big deal, really…unless Jeff has a nefarious plan.

And he might.

Memorable Quotes:

Jazzy Jeff: Good morning, brother.
Larry: Suck cheese.
Jazzy Jeff: Oh, come on, we were just--
Larry: Was it "suck" or "cheese"? Which part of "suck cheese" didn't you understand?

Jazzy Jeff: Another baby. How exciting! What would you want, a boy or a girl?
Jackie: Both!
Jazzy Jeff: You can get that here?
Jackie: Yes, I think it's called a David Bowie.

Debbie: You always do this, Jackie! I can trust you about as far as I can kick you.
Larry: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy, Shia LeBoeuf, that's my line.

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