S2 E06 Any Friggin' Sunday

21:10 | 11/01/13 | TV-PG | CC

Larry finally got around to watching golf. He’s horrified by how boring it is and regrets that his family’s entire community is styled in its honor. He wants a new sports identity, and his timing is great, because this is the time of year where Marty vanishes into the world of football, as well as his many fantasy football teams. He takes Larry under his wing -- and now Jackie has an absentee husband too.

Amber really likes Reggie, but she thinks her dates with Reggie are kind of awkward. It doesn’t help that Reggie fills Marty in on all his plans with Amber. So Reggie enlists the football-widowed Debbie to help him plan a romantic date without Marty knowing about it.

Memorable Quotes:

Reggie: You’ve got a little schmutz on your face, babycake.
Amber: Reggie, stop, that’s weird.
Debbie: Aww, that’s so sweet, he’s taking care of you, wiping things from your face, keeping you clean.
Amber: I’m not in hospice, Mom.

Larry: I finally got around to watching golf. And to my abject horror, I discovered that it is the single most tedious activity on this or any other planet.
Debbie: How have you never watched golf before?
Larry: It turns out that I had, but what I thought was people walking somewhere to play golf was actually people playing golf. It’s just people walking around with a stick.

Jackie: All I really want to do is sit alone on our comfy couch and snuggle with Chelsea Handler.
Larry: Oh, she’s so snarky! And I love how she pretends she’s 38. Such chutzpah!

Debbie: I’m gonna help you romance the crap outta my daughter.
Reggie: (disgusted) Why on Earth would I --
Debbie: It’s just an expression, Reggie.

Larry: Win one for the Tipper Gore!

Reggie: So to make cheese, you steal the baby cow’s milk, then add bacteria?
Debbie: Don’t ruin cheese for me, Reggie.

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