S2 E13 High School Reunion

21:30 | 01/17/14 | TV-PG | CC

Debbie and Marty are getting ready for their high school reunion. Marty’s excited because his high school band -- Motorbaüt -- is getting back together to play at the reunion; Debbie’s fretting because she’s worried about stacking up against her high school nemesis. (Also she’s a little nervous because she thinks the other band members hate her for breaking up the band.)(Which she did.)(And they do.) Marty’s shot at being lead guitarist evaporates when Larry drops in on their practice, because it turns out Larry has insanely amazing guitar chops. So Larry’s coming too, and Marty’s enthusiasm begins to wane.

It wanes even further when Marty learns that everyone in the band made out with Debbie. Yeah, apparently he never got that information back then.

Reggie is doing his best to cope with his breakup with Amber, but his best is very poor. Dick’s concerned because he wants to keep hanging out with the Weaver kids, but now it’s going to be awkward. Dick, Max and Abby do their best to find a solution.

Memorable Quotes:

Debbie: I guess I was [Motorbaüt’s] Yoko. If before she got with John she dated Paul, George and Ringo. And Pete Best. And a few of the Stones.

Debbie: Being on stage with an instrument makes ugly guys handsome, short guys tall, and the hot guys in Motorbaüt so hot that I just had to stick my tongue in their mouths.
Jackie: Ooh! That’s disgusting!

Dick: This Amber and Reggie breakup is more problematic than I realized.
Max: Amber’s in her sixth stage of Amber Grief, which is “Make everyone around you cry.”
Abby: Which were also stages one through five.

Marty: You see that sandwich? It’s me. The leftover. The last choice.
Larry: You know, I think a more apt metaphor is that Debbie is like this party sandwich. And that everybody here has already had a piece.

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