Jodi O'Neal

played by Mary Hollis Inboden
Character Biography

As Pat's brother's ex-wife, Aunt Jodi's connection to the family is more about proximity than blood. In the midst of the fallout from the family's secrets, she remains loyal to the O'Neals, always happy to play the role of their number one fan and cheerleader. A quirky and fun hairdresser, Jodi is an open book about her own sometimes questionable life choices, which may or may not make her the perfect person to guide Eileen through her separation. And with a make-up kit and crafting caddy in the back of her car at all times, she's ready to help the O'Neals out with just about anything.

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Actor Biography

Originally from Arkansas, Mary Hollis Inboden's career began performing in theaters throughout the south before relocating to the Midwest. Inboden is an accomplished theatre actress, writer and producer who spent several years performing on various stages in her adopted home of Chicago where she is a founding member of The New Colony Theatre.

Inboden's previous televisions credits include recurring roles on The Chicago Code and Boss.

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