S1 E07 Seduction

42:19 | 03/05/13 | TV-14 | CC

Seven chefs remain as the competition proceeds to the semifinals. The theme of the fifth challenge is Seduction, in which the chefs must turn on the judges' taste buds. The chefs have to prepare a dish using one of the mentors' pre-selected seductive ingredients. Ingrid Hoffman, restaurateur and TV personality, appears as guest judge to determine the winner of the Team Taste Test, and then to assist the chefs of the winning team with their dishes for the Blind Taste Test judged by the four mentors.

The Team Taste Test

The four spoons that were selected to compete in The Team Taste Test belonged to: Diane from Team Anthony, Lauren from Team Nigella, Sarah from Team Ludo, and Jeff from Team Malarkey.

Ingrid selected Sarah's Jalapeno and Vanilla Infused Panna Cotta as the winning dish of the Team Taste Test. Immunity was no longer the reward for today's challenge, but rather, Sarah left with a selection of new cookware, and Ingrid joined Ludo's winning kitchen to advise the chefs on their dishes for the Blind Taste Test. This is the fourth consecutive time that a member from Ludo's kitchen has won the Team Taste Test.

The Blind Taste Test

After shopping at the Farmers' Market, the chefs prepared their dishes for the Blind Taste Test. The mentors sent home Lauren from Team Nigella, Paul from Team Ludo, and Jeff from Team Malarkey.

The mentors awarded gold stars to the following chefs:

Jeff from Team Malarkey

Khristianne from Team Malarkey (Khristianne earned three stars this week – one from Ludo, one from Anthony, and one from Malarkey)

Gregg, Sarah, Khristianne, and Diane will be advancing to the finals. 

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